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My name is Troy Edwards-Finlayson I was born on December 14,1979 in Brixton, south London, UK. I specialize in portraits and photography.

A self-taught artist, I began drawing at the tender age of 5.

As entered into adult hood my work began to find its identity. 

When it comes to politics, topics on race, history, colonialism, sexuality, gender are all parts of the creative process in my work.

Commonalities among different cultures and the frailty of the human condition is where I find the inspiration for the stories within my work.

I have always loved the idea that art can be joyful and make people smile but also be challenging, thought- provoking and sometimes even bring about much discomfort.

One thing that is important about my work is that it expresses who I am. I do not merely want to capture a landscape, an object or facial expression with my pencil — I want to give them life once more.