My name is Troy Edwards-Finlayson I was born on December 14,1979 in Brixton, south London, UK. I specialise in portraits and photography.

"The space between".


As a portrait artist you come to know and learn body language with a level of scrutiny and appreciation that tends to allude most: the things that are being said without words, the human emotions that lay behind the eyes, the twitch in the corner of a lip that spells out a potential smile or discomfort. All the things I like to call the “space between”.

Small details, idiosyncrasies, silences, a head full of jumbled up thoughts before arriving at a coherent idea, long protracted stares into the horizon, these are just some of the indicators that reveal the existence of life, these things that we may otherwise view as the mundane are the things that universally connect us.


Every piece of work I create is a reproduction of a snap shot in time, like a scene from a movie trailer that gives you the essence of the moment but not necessarily the whole picture.

With my portraits my hope is for the viewer to complete the story through their own personal interaction, how others receive and interpret your work can be and is often just as important as the directors cut its self.


Being seen for who we are and what we are is one of the most vital things in this life and this truth often takes on even greater importance when you come from the “margins” of society whether that’s based upon: race, gender, religion or class. These titles are more than just symbols or ideas; they all have meanings, which will determine how you/we are seen in the world.

To create art that reflects the humanity of just being for me is necessary especially in a society that is starved of authentic images of representation, that oh so quiet stillness caught between daydreaming or an unbreakable intense focus that manages to remove labels just long enough for us to see each other.

What I hope to convey are stories free of caricatures and stereotypes. Irrespective of where society has placed you it must be stated that we are not dealing with unknown entities with no identity to speak of, what we are dealing with is that life force we simply refer to as humans, no more and certainly no less.